100%waterproof, UV Proof, Abrasion resistant, Anti-aging, Eco-friendly, Tear resistant, Flame resistant, High temperature resistant +70 ℃, Mildew resi
PVC Knife Coated Tarp (economic)
The front side of the pvc knife coated tarp is flexible and smooth, the back side is rough, and its granularity is relatively thick.
Feature:   1. 100% waterproof   2. UV Proof   3. Abrasion resistant   4. Anti-aging   5. Eco-friendly   6. Tear resistant   7. Flame resistant (certification classification is UL94 VTM‑0,We are the manufacturer with the most favorable price with flame retardant function)   9. Mildew resistant   10. Wind proof   11. Acid and alkali resistance   12. Dust resistant